Welcoming New Year Baby 2020 At MSUMC

Around the globe, mothers rejoice the moments their babies are born. Somehow, there is also a special interest for babies, especially those born on special days - on a new day of a new decade for example.

So was the case for Azeri and wife Shara. Joy was all around as they welcomed their new baby boy at MSU Medical Centre Specialist Hospital in Shah Alam. The number “20” became a magical number as well, for the birthdate of the baby falls on 1st January 2020, at precisely 9.20am that morning.

All went well and both baby and mother are fine after the birth. The specialist consultants Dr Fauziah and Dr Hasmawati, as well as the nurses team, were also present to ensure smooth delivery of the healthy newborn baby boy.

With the addition of a new family member, both Azeri and Shara hope for a new beginning of a new year. This marks an opportunity to reflect on hopes and aspirations for the future.

The team at MSU Medical Centre Specialist Hospital shared the moments and wished the best for Azeri and his family, for a prosperous year ahead and bountiful happiness.