Our nursery is dedicated for newborn babies born in our hospital. We are well equipped with 8 baby cots, 2 incubators with latest monitoring and resuscitation equipment and phototherapy services for neonatal jaundice and parenting rooms. To ensure that our new moms can have plenty of rest and recovery, we will support them with tender loving care for mother and baby. We can assure you that our newborn nursery is safe in a secure environment, supervised by our experienced midwives and nurses 24 hours a day and is supported by experienced paediatric consultants. Additionally, we provide newborn nursery care with restricted access to approved visitors only.

Our newborn nursery services include:

  • Care for unwell babies with simple illnesses, such as coughs, fever and jaundice

  • New moms who need help with breastfeeding, will be assisted by our experienced lactation nurses